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Enabling Shared Mailbox Outlook Searches – A Guide to FSLogix

To start, we run WVDs using the Azure Cloud Platform.

We use FSLogix to contain our user profiles, within FSLogix there are two profile containers that can be used to store user data, user profile and office 365 profile. After having a critical systems failure with FSLogix we decided to only use one of the profiles to store our user data – the User Profile Container. From the very beginning even with both profiles active our users were unable to search their shared inboxes. We had to find the solution…

After hours and hours of research, including having Microsoft get involved and reverting our version of Outlook to a known working version – Microsoft then determined this was not an Outlook issue rather a configuration issue. We then reached out to the team that built our new cloud environment and they directed us to a few good links and some insider knowledge on GPOs.

We then discovered that search roaming was not enabled by default when FSLogix is initially implemented; therefor, you need to go to the group policies for FSLogix and manually enable these search features. There are two that needed to be enabled: Store Search Database in Profile Container and Enable Search Roaming. You can also choose to store the Search Database in the O365 Container; however, as we disabled this container, we went with the profile container. You can find both GPOs and their pathways in the images linked below. These images, as well as, the walk through written up by jkindon, and a little help by our Cloud Admin we were able to then return the search function to Outlook.

Important Note – This search feature is limited by the size of the Outlook Cache. If the users need to search further than the Outlook Cache allows you can either: A – Adjust the amount of time that the cache stores or B – have users use the OWA portal to find messages that are older than your cache size.

Once you have these GPOs changed all that is left is to log into every server and force a GP update and then reset the system.

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