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How Secure is The Cloud?

System security is very important to us, which is why we have tried very hard to ensure that the cloud remain secure from all sorts of threats. This is paramount as we handle information that would be of value to a threat actor if they were to gain access to our systems.

Currently we use Cylance AV as our antivirus platform. This software uses an advanced AI to scan programs and files to ensure they do not contain any malicious code. Blocking them before they even finish their download/install thereby both maintaining system security and ensuring that all software and files that are added to our system are safe in nature.

We also have implemented a system that ensures the only thing that can transfer over from your native desktop is keyboard and mouse input. This means files can not be transferred over to the cloud as well as blocking copy/paste features to assist is system security.

Though we have great preventative measures in place to ensure robust and secure systems our most valuable prevention method is YOU. It is important to remain vigilant, ensure that no one – coworkers included – have access to your passwords, ensure you are using strong passwords, and – in the event your password is compromised – you act quickly to change that password and prevent a threat actor from gaining access to our systems.

One of the best ways to ensure that you do not fall victim, or cause vulnerabilities, is to stay informed and understand these threats.

Below you will find a number of helpful links that will give you some insight as to why this is important and why you need to be responsible while accessing our systems.

Our clients information must remain secure and out of the hands of threat actors, as well, we do not want to have our clients info held ransom by a ransomware attack that would result in a major fiscal loss to the company.

Thank you for reading!

Interesting and Helpful Articles

•This Link estimates the cost of a single data breach to be close to $149,000

•That is the average cost to resolve a breach that does not include compensation for those whose data was stolen, if it came to a class action suit.

•Quote from the article – “60 percent of small businesses would rather give up as much as half of their revenue than lose half of their data”

•In 2019 there were 42,000 online security incidents – 43% of them were targeting small business.