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How to open an encrypted email

Some emails sent by Minnesota Title contain sensitive information so to protect that information we will send it in an encrypted email. Please follow the steps below to open an encrypted email.

Open Encrypted Email With Gmail/Yahoo/AOL/Etc.
  1. Click the blue Read the Message button.

2.a Click on One Time Passcode.

2.b After clicking if you get an error that states it could not authenticate you – you must close out of every instance of the browser you have open. Reopen said browser, attempt to open the email again and you will see the image above. (The image below will be an example of the error)

3. Once you select one time passcode, you will brought to a new screen that is prompting for the code.

4. You will receive the code via an email from Microsoft. Access said email, copy and paste the code into the box from the image above. (Below as an example of the email. Please Verify the email is from Microsoft before clicking on any links.)

5. After copy and pasting the code from the above image you will now be able to access the encrypted email. Please ensure you follow best practices and do send send sensitive information to anyone who does not require it.
Open Encrypted Email With Outlook 2016
  1. While using Outlook this is a very simple process, encrypted emails will come in with a lock next to them so you can verify they are encrypted. When you receive an encrypted email it will look like the image below.

2. In order to view the contents of the email all that needs to be done is you double click on the email from your inbox. That will open it in a pop up window which will then display the content of the email.

After completing these steps for your preferred email client, you will now be able to read and respond to the encrypted email securely!

Other Helpful Information

  • Your workstation’s browser needs to be IE 9 or better with the most current service packs, or the current version of Firefox or Chrome.
  • If you don’t currently have a Microsoft account for authentication, use the https://signup.live.com page to create an account, using the email address that received the encrypted email. If you are trying to use the older EHE (Exchange Hosted Encryption) account and password to open the email, this will not work.
  • Authentication might be a problem if your business or agency is blocking Microsoft authentication. Try accessing https://login.live.com and https://profile.live.com. If you are not able to access those pages or the signup page previously listed, please work with your internal support organization to get your internet access updated.
  • If your agency or business blocks webmail, you may not be able to access this link. Again, you will need to work with your internal support organization to get your internet access updated.
  • Ensure the email is not going through to a shared inbox unless all users have access to the login information.