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Add Lender Packages Folder to Desktop

This is a guide for adding the 2021 LENDER PACKAGES folder to your desktop. This can be applied to any folder allowing quicker access by bypassing the navigation through the file explorer.

  1. First step is to open the file explorer – you can go to the Windows search bar and simply search for “File Explorer” select and open the program.

2. Next we need to access the Company G: Drive.

3. Once in the Company G: Drive we need to copy the shortcut and paste it to your desktop. Right Click on the “2021 LENDER PACKAGES – Shortcut” and select Copy. Then Minimize the File Explorer, in an open space on your desktop Right Click and select Paste.

4. You can now drag files directly from SoftPro into this file shortcut to have them added into the folder on the Company G: Drive

Updated on January 29, 2021

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