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CommPortal Assistant Initial Setup

Before we get started this software is for managing your inbound and outbound calls that will come through on either your hard phone or cell phone once you have the app installed.

Go to https://mail.vm.arvig.net/bg/ before you do this setup and change your password from the default!

  1. First off we need to go to the start menu and search for CommPortal Assistant. (It will look like the below image) Start Menu Search

2. Once open we will want to provide the proper configuration for the application – this will include your phone number, password, and the CommPortal URL (https://voice1.arvig.net). CommPortal Configuration

3. Next we are going to add the CommPortal Assistant to our task bar. We can do this by right clicking on the task bar – not on your icons – and then selecting “Toolbars” -> “CommPortal Assistant”Adding CommPortal to taskbar

4. Lastly we will want to verify you were able to connect to the host server – to do this click on the up arrow on the bottom right of your screen. Hover over the CommPortal Assistant Icon and verify it says connected. Alternatively, you will see the green check mark next to your tool bar.

You are now all set, feel free to explore the software a little bit. Using this tool you can set up simultaneous ringing as well as call forwarding!

Updated on December 30, 2020

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