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Submitting a PTO Request to Outlook Calendar

This is a guide for submitting a PTO request to our PTO calendar. This allows us to remain organized and free up personal calendars for our employees.

  1. First we need to add the new PTO calendar – if you need a reminder on how to add calendars from the address book you can find a guide here. The new Calendar is titled “PTO Requests”
  2. Now that we have the calendar added and can see when others are taking their vacation we can schedule yours!
  3. Open up your personal calendar and create a New Meeting. Then follow along with this guided image.
  4. PTO Meeting Request
  5. Below will be the same text from above for anyone who had difficulty reading it.
  1. Create a “New Meeting”
  2. Please state specifically if this is a PTO request – “Vacation” will suffice. Make sure to include your name!!
  3. For the “Required” option, send it to PTO@minnesota-title.com
  4. For the “Optional” section I suggest you add those who will be covering for you so that it also appears on their calendars.
  5. Don’t forget to specify the dates!
  6. At the bottom we want to list specifically who will be covering for you – if separate people at different periods please specify that in this space!
  1. Once you have the request complete go ahead and send it out!
  2. You are all set if your request is approved you will receive a notice that the meeting request was accepted!
Updated on April 7, 2021

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