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Unable to Print PDFs on the Cloud

This has been a common issue with the new Azure Cloud Migration. Please follow these steps if you are having issues printing from the cloud.

Firstly, this is a specific issue so please verify that this is your issue first before following the steps. If you are having an issue printing PDFs other than the one shown below please contact IT at IT@minnesota-title.com.

This issue we have noticed is when trying to print a PDF the Virtual Machine will open the PDF in Microsoft Edge – the web browser – it will look like the following Image.

If you see this and try to print you will realize that it will not let you, do not fret this is easy to fix following these steps.

  1. Open up Adobe Reader DC.Adobe Icon
  2. Then we will select “Set as Default.” Which Can be seen in the Highlighted area.Adobe Set as Default
  3. After that follow the prompts on the screen and the next time you open a PDF it should open with Adobe Reader and you will be able to print.
Updated on August 21, 2020

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