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Outlook Send/Receive Instructions


October 25th, 2020: Over the weekend we encountered an issue with Outlook profiles. Please follow the instructions below to get your Outlook functioning correctly.

NOTE: If you have already performed this action, you may disregard the message.

  1. If you have opened Outlook, please close it
  2. Double click to open the file on your desktop called Outlook_Fix.batOutlook_Fix_Icon
  3. The file will have opened the File Explorer. Now click the View tab > Check the box next to File name extensions
  4. Find the file named youremail@minnesota-title.com.OST
    The critical piece is to ensure the file ends in OST
  5. Right click on this OST file and choose Delete
  6. Once the file has finished deleting, click the View tab > Uncheck the box next to File name extensions
  7. You can now close this help page and other windows and are able to open Outlook!

If you have any questions about how to complete these steps, please contact Dillan or Bryce for assistance.